Cha Thrèiginn Fhèin Mo Chruinneag Dhonn

I Would Never Betray My Brown-haired Lass

A Milling (=Waulking) Song from Cape Breton
Sequenced by Christian Souchon
after a performance recorded by MacEdward Leach

1. How can we sail from land
With the king's guards keeping us here.

I iu o ho i ri o ro
I would never betray my brown-haired lass
I iu o ho i ri o ro

2. A shower of pellets on my head
That broke me up completely.

3. I wish that I could have a boat
That would sail the seas with you.

1. De mar sheòlas sinn bho thìr
Is "guard" a rìgh 'gar cumail ann.

I iu o ho i ri o ro
Cha thrèiginn fhein mo chruinneag dhonn
I iu o ho i ri o ro

2. Fras peileir air mo cheann
A bhris a chrann is fionnagan.

3. 'S truagh nach robh agam bàta
Dheigheadh air bhàrr nan tonnan leat.
1. Comment quitter cette île
Impossible de tromper la vigilance des gardes du Roi.

I iu o ho i ri o ro
Jamais je ne trahirai ma brune
I iu o ho i ri o ro

2. Une pluie de mitraille passe par dessus ma tête
Je suis complètement isolé.

3. Si je pouvais avoir une barque
Je prendrais la mer avec toi.

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The warfare referred to in this song may be one of the 1688, 1715 or 1745 Jacobite risings. Le conflit auquel ce chant fait allusion peut être l'un des soulèvements Jacobites de 1688, 1715 ou 1745

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