Breton Herbal

Data drawn from "Bretagne, terre sacrée" by Gwenc'hlan Le Scouezec.
The herbs tagged with (SY) (=Sant Yann, St John) should be picked around the summer solstice!
The herbs tagged with an asterisk are quoted in the French-Breton Dictionary by the Revd Gregory of Rostrenen (1732).

ATTENTION: This is no manual of phytotherapy! For this purpose please refer to the link above!

Breton Linné English Transc. of Bret. Name Usage
aour yeotenn drosera rotundifolia Sundew golden herb magic! Cough, breating trouble
ar sklaer*, louzaouenn ar gwimilied chelidonium majus greater celandin the bright one eye pains
ar sklaerig* euphrasia officinalis eyebrigh the little bright one sores, ophtalmias
beler nasturtium officinale watercress watercress scurvy, skin affections
hed-ledan, stlaseg, stanveg* plantago lanceolata snake plantain plantain stiffening of woven fabrics
lost louarn* foeniculum vulgare sweet fennel fox tail purgative
louzaouenn an daoulagad* chelidonium majus greater celandin eyes herb eye pains
louzaouenn an darvoed* euphrasia officinalis eyebrigh sore herb sores, ophtalmias
louzaouenn an denved* thymus serpyllum wild thyme, mother of thyme sheep's herb veterinary intestinal disinfectant
louzaouenn an derzienn* teucrium chamaedrys wall germander fever herb diuretic+fever
louzaouenn an divulum geranium robertianum   antivenom herb adder bites, skin affections
louzaouenn an diwad sanicula europaea wood sanicle bleeding herb bleeding
louzaouenn an Dreinded* viola tricolor wild pansy Trinity's herb eczema, sores
louzaouenn an dren* artemisia abrotanum southernwood thorn herb vermifuge
louzaouenn an elaz* Hepatica nobilis Sch. noble liverwort liver herb astringent
louzaouenn an naer* arum maculatum cuckoo-pint snake herb adder bites
louzaouenn an trouc'h* symphytum officinale comfrey, foxglove cuts herb bleeding
louzaouenn an trouc'h polygonum persicaria smartwee cuts herb bleeding
louzaouenn an trouc'h polygonum persicaria water pepper cuts herb bleeding
louzaouenn ar c'halvez* achillea millefolium yarrow carpenter's herb tonic, digestive and antiseptic herb tea
louzaouenn ar c'haz, an dam, linadenn real* nepeta cataria catmint, catnep cat's herb, Royal nettle bronchitis
louzaouenn ar c'hi*, treuzh-yeod (SY) agropyro repens couch-grass, Scotch quelch, quick grass, dog-grass dog's herb diuretic tea
louzaouenn ar c'housked* hyosciamus niger henbane POISON! slumber herb hallucinogen, hypnotic
louzaouenn ar c'hwenn* mentha pulegium pennyroy herb fleas h. fleas
louzaouenn ar flemm aconitum napellus aconite POISON! spear herb poison, cough
louzaouenn ar gal, an berr-alan* knautia arvensis scabious scabies herb scabies
louzaouenn ar galon* melissa officinalis balm heart herb heart disease
louzaouenn ar gouli* pyrola rotundifolia large wintergreen wound herb wound healing
louzaouenn ar groaz, varlenn*(SY) verbena officinalis vervain, herb of grace herb of the Cross giddiness, bleeding
louzaouenn ar gwenaennoù, tro-heol helianthus annuus sunflowe wart herb warts
louzaouenn ar mammoù* (SY) matricharia chamomilla wild chamomile mother's herb menses regulation
louzaouenn ar men (grevell) physalis Alkekengi winter cherry, cape gooseberry (gravel) stone h. gravel stones
louzaouenn ar moger* parietaria diffusa Mertens et Koch pellitor of the wall wall herb diuretic
louzaouenn ar paz* tussilago forfara coltsfoot, horsehoof coughwort cough
louzaouenn ar pemp delienn* potentilla reptens Five-leaf grass, cinquefoil 5 leaves herb tonic
louzaouenn ar vozenn* carlina acaulis ground thistle plague herb antibiotic
louzaouenn ar vrec'h* knautia arvensis scabious smallpox herb smallpox
louzaouenn Zant Yann 1*, beverezh* (SY) sedum acre stonecrop St John's wort epilepsy, abortive
louzaouenn an diwad (SY), faolodenn* hypericum perforatum St John's wort St John's wort bleeding
louzaouenn Zantez Apollina* hyosciamus niger henbane POISON! St Appoline's herb hallucinogen, hypnotic
louzaouenn al laou* delphinium ajacis field larkspur lice h. lice and nits
louzaouenn al laou* evonymus europaeus spindel-tree lice h. lice and nits
louzaouenn an tign* Arctium lappa burdock ringworm h wounds
louzaouenn ar c'hatarr* pulsatilla pratensis meadow anemone, pasque flower catarrh herb catarrh
louzaouenn ar skenved* mentha pulegium mountain rose herb lungs h. cough
louzaouenn ar varlen, stagerez* Arctium lappa burdock lap h. wounds
louzaouenn droug ar Roué*, louzaouenn droug Sant Kado* scrofularia nodosa knotted figwort King's evil h. scrofula
louzaouenn laezeg*, laezegezh* sonchus oleraceus common sow thistle, hare's lettuce milk herb food for rabbits
louzaouenn Zantez Barba sisymbrium officinale, erysimum officinale Singer's plant St Barbara's hedge mustard remedy for loss of voice
louzaouenn Zantez Marc'harid chrysanthemum leucanthemum daisy, ox-eye St Margaret's h. wound healing
munudig* thymus serpyllum serpyllum the tiny little one veterinary intestinal disinfectant
uhel-varr* viscum album mistleto high vine epilepsy, antispasmodic, internal haemorrhage
louzaouenn Zant Yann 2 (SY)* artemisia vulgaris mugwort St John's belt menses regulation, tonic
gourradenenn (SY)* dryopteris filix mas male fern St John's root vermifuge

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