XX BONHEUR BOURGEOIS Au soir qui tombe, lumineux, Nous proménerions, deux à deux, Un songe quiet hebdomadaire. Aux carrefours attendrissants Nous ballonnerions nos croissants D'amours sensées et sédentaires. Nous arquerions nos ombres pour Saluer monsieur et sa bour- geoise et nous parlerions notaire. Et si le rossignol taquin Voulait fifrer, pris de serein, Nous le sommerions de se taire. 26 juin 1967 "Son" breton sur un rossignol taquin.
et la jolie Non-demande en mariage de Georges Brassens

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XX MIDDLE CLASS BLISS Bathed in a luminous sunset We'd take out for a few steps Our dream debonair and weekly. At crossroads, a touching couple, We would swing our muffins double- Creamed with love, grave and sedentary. On our way our shades wouldn't miss To bend to his lordship and his Missus and to discuss money. And if a nightingale would dare Defiantly to croon her air We'd order her silent to be. 26th June 1967 Breton "son" about a saucy nightingale
and the congenial Non-proposal of marriage by Georges Brassens

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