V CORPS DE CRISTAL Devenir le miroir. Réinventer le sens. Le chant que tu levas deviendra source, sente, Alde Baran fautive où les murs sont absents. Un vol illimité dessinera l'absente Qui cerne de tes feux tes haltes et tes sens. Une sphère en moyeux agence ta mémoire. L'aile est-elle le point d'où s'arrache le cri? Transparence, au tréfonds déroule le grimoire. Un savoir interdit où le monde s'inscrit. L'onde en bris renoué dispersera ta lance Et lueur, en l'éclat englouti, ton fanal, Le seul rayonnement formera ton final. Le diamant immobilisera la balance. Eblouissement. Scintillation. Silence. 20 mai 1990

Copyright Michel Galiana 01.04.2006 (c) (r) All rights reserved

V CRYSTAL BODY To become a mirror and new meaning contrive. The song you caused to rise shall become source and path, Faulty Aldebaran, of screening walls deprived. Boundless flight shall sketch in the face of the far wraith Who surrounded your rest, your sense with your own fires. Sphere changed into a hub is your biased memory. May the wing be the point whence tears itself the cry? To inmost depths unrolls the scroll transparency Of forbidden knowledge where the world is inscribed! Waves in renewed breakings shall dispose of your spear And of your torch that sinks into this glittering jails So that final display in sheer radiance appear. The diamond shall tip the restless, wobbling scales: Sparkling shall blind your eye. Silence shall numb your ear. May 20th 1990

Transl. Christian Souchon 01.04.2006 (c) (r) All rights reserved

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