XV VIEILLESSE Le traqueur a sonné qui connaissait ma trace. La ville a pris l'odeur des mâtins et des bois. Sous le masque de fer j'ai mal caché ma race. Mon bonheur ébréché croule sous les abois. Dans la salle à brouter va passer une fille. Le noir gaine la jambe et l'oeil est du vautour. Le chant sourd de son corps, mais la lèvre qui brille Inaltérablement se ferme au cri d'amour. Le chasseur qui me suit me cèle son visage, Mais le chant qui me hante a des accents connus. Le châtiment m'est dû pour mes amours trop sages. Le voile des ans morts couvre mes désirs nus. La fille qui chantait se tait à mon passage. La nuit prend le sourire et le visage est clos. Etes-vous les piqueurs de la meute de l'âge, Sonneurs du hallali qui serait mon repos? Michel Galiana (c) 1991

XV AGE The hunter sounds his horn as his dogs got my scent. Over the town a smell of hounds and wood has spread. My iron mask hardly hid my noble descent And my chipped happiness is crashing down at bay. In this browsing hall shall by me a woman pass, Sheathed in black silk stockings, with piercing vulture eyes. From her body a song wells up, whereas her mouth, Gleaming unchangingly, stops any loving cries. And the hunter chasing after me hides her face. But the song that haunts me, I think, is known to me. I'm due a punishment for my poor loves so chaste: The veil of years gone by shrouds my lustful folly. The crooning girl pauses as she is passing by. The night swallows her smile and her face now is shut. Are you the whipping grooms that the pack of age drive, Buglers sounding my death which ought to be my rest?

Transl. Christian Souchon 01.01.2004 (c) (r) All rights reserved

Note :

"Salle à brouter" = "restaurant"
"Le chasseur qui me suit me cèle son visage." = "Ma timidité habituelle m'empêche de la regarder en face."

"Browsing hall" = "restaurant"
"And the hunter chasing after me hides her face." = "And my customary shyness prevents me from looking her in the face."

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