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An episode of this war: The Fight of the Thirty opposing 30 men of the French garrison of Josselin and 30 men of the English garrison of Ploermel

Fight of the Thirty


End of the Succession war to the benefit of Duke John IV, son to John of Monfort and Joan the Arsonist



Occupation of the Duchy by the French led by Guesclin and exile of John IV in London.

Du Guesclin's goddaughter and Vassal

Baron Jauioz takes part in these combats.

Baron Jauioz


Victorious return of John IV, called "The Swan" who defeats Duguesclin.

The Swan


A Breton fleet is sent out to support the Welsh uprising at Caermarthen.

The Wedding Belt


A revolt of countryfolk against city dwellers breaks out in Cornouaille.

The Men of Plouyé


After a peacetime of 100 years, new Franco-Breton conflict: Siege of Guingamp.

The Siege of Guingamp


Duchess Anne of Brittany maries Charles VIII, King of France. On his death, she marries his successor, Louis XII, in 1499 and bears him a daughter, Claude.



Claude maries Francis Ist to whom she had been engaged since she was 6 years old..



Edict of Perpetual Union of Brittany to France. The former Duchy becomes a mere province, considered by the monarchs with disparagement...

The Page of Louis XIII


Creation of a Parliament of Brittany in Rennes, to the detriment of the former capital of the Duchy, Nantes.


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