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Execution of Marquis de Pontcallec, leader of a conspiration supported by Spain.

Death of Pontcallec


To ensure Britain the control of sea traffic on the Channel and create a diversion in favour of their German allies, English troops land in St Cast. It is, in fact, a Welsh regiment, who fraternize with their Breton adversaries.

Combat of Saint Cast


During the Independence War of the United States, the Breton crew of the frigate "La Surveillante" gives a victorious battle to the British vessel "The Québec", then rescues the adversary crew.

The Steersman's song


Brittany, along with all other French provinces is divided up in "départements". Because of her attachment to King and Catholic faith, she is the scene of most bloody exactions commited by the soldiers of the Republic, the "Blue ones".

The Blue ones


Landing on the peninsula of Quiberon of a small army of émigrés, supported by the local "chouan" guerilla . Unanimously, the Bretons, take up arms to defend their faith and their rights.

The Chouans


Cadoudal, a hero of the Chouan guerilla is arrested et executed.



The Restoration of the monarchy which has aroused so much hope among the people of Brittany proves to be deceiving.

Times gone by


First publication of the "Barzhaz Breizh" by Hersart de la Villemarqué.


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