History of Brittany
and the Barzhaz Breizh

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57 BC

Julius Caesar conquers the Veneti

The Series

ca 450 AD

Immigration of Britons from Devon,

St Efflamm and King Arthur

Cornwall and Wales led by their clergy (partly coming from Ireland)

Legend of St Ronan

The independence of the new nation is defended by leaders (machtiern) such as Morvan Lez-Breiz



Nominoé, appointed as a missus dominicus in Brittany to the King of France

the Tribute of Noménoé


His son, Erispoé, founds the Duchy of Brittany.



Norman raids:destruction of Landévénec Abbey.



Reconquest of the Duchy by Alan Barbetorte ("Twisted Beard").

Alan the Fox


Rising against the Duchess Dowager Edwige

The Hawk


Bretons join their Norman neighbours in the conquest of England.

Back from England


Succession war: 2 pretenders to the ducal coronet:
-Charles of Blois, nephew to the King of France and his wife, Joan of Penthièvre, and
-John of Monfort, allied with England and his wife, Joan of Flanders, known as "Joan the Arsonist".

Joan the Arsonist

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