Wandering along the

Cover of 1867 edition

Folk Songs of Lower Brittany
in order of appearance in La Villemarqué's collection

"No other European idiom can boast more respectable
or better established titles than the Breton language.
None can claim such ancientness for their literary monuments."
(La Villemarqué in "Revue de l'Armorique" , 1842)

1st PART
and historical
songs & ballads

1. The Series

2. Gwenc'hlan's prophecy

3. Sir Nann

4. The Changeling

5. The Gnomes

6. The submersion of Is

7. The Wine of the Gauls

8. Arthur's March

9. The Plague in Elliant

11. Lez-Breizh

12. Noménoé's Tribute

13. Alan the Fox

14. Knight Bran

15. The Hawk

16. Héloise and Abélard

17. Return from England

19. The Crusader's wife

20. The Nightingale

21. The Bride of Satan

22. The Foster-Brother

23. The Clerk of Rohan

24. The three Red Friars

25. Joan the Arsonist

26. The Battle of the Thirty

27. The Stoat

28. Baron de Jauioz

31. The Swan

32. The Wedding Belt

33. The pale Azenor

34. The Young Men of Plouyé

35. The Siege of Guingamp

36. The Carnival of Rosporden

37. Geneviève de Rustéfan

38. Notre-Dame du Folgoat

39. The League

40. La Fontenelle

41. The Heiress of Keroulaz

42. The Page of Louis XIII

43. The Marquis of Guérand

44. Lament for Monsieur de Névet

45. The Orphan of Lannion

46. The Death of Pont-Calleck

47. The Fight of Saint Cast

48. Yannick Scolan

49. The Pardon of St Fiacre

50. The Steersman's Song

51. The Ploughmen

52. The exiled Priest

53. The Blue Coats

54. The Chouans

55. Let that be a lesson to all of us

56. The May Flowers

57. In Olden Times

2nd PART
Festival songs
Love songs

2. June festival Song

3. The New Threshing Floor

4. The Children's Feast

5. Hollaika

6. The Xmas Gift Tour

7. The Leper

8. The Pontaro Miller's Wife

9. Homesickness

10. The Poor Clerk

11. The Silver Mirrors

12. The Cross by the Wayside

13. Breaking off

14. The Swallows

3rd PART
Hymns and and religious chants

1. Legend of Saint Ronan

2. Saint Efflamm and King Arthur

3. The Tower of Armor

4. Soul's Departure

5. All Souls'Hymn

6. Hell

7. Paradise

8. The Lady of Nizon's death

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