Chants Jacobites d'Ecosse et d'ailleurs
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La "Glorieuse" révolution de 1688

A01 Awa, Whigs, Awa!
A02 Would you know what a Whig is
A03 The Cameronian Cat
A04 Hey, then, up go we!
A05 The Whigs of Fife
A06 Baldy Fraser (Charles McKay)
A07 Bauldy Fraser (by Hogg)
A08 Mary Queen of Scots
A09 Adieu, plaisant pays de France
A10 I sigh and lament in vain
A11 Young Airlie (Hogg)
A12 Young Airly (Cromek)
A13 The Lady looked frae her ha'
A14 Lesley's March to Scotland
A15 Lesley's March to Marston Moor
A16 When the King Enjoys his own again
A17 Nostradamus' Century IV, 89
A18 Mournful Melpomene
A19 The 29th of May
A19b Brave William's Praise
A20 The Royal Oak Tree
A21 Tree of Friendship
A22 The Drowning of Care
A23 Lillibulero
A24 Cakes of Croudy
A25 Epigramm on Mass David Williamson
A26 Dainty Davie
A27 Freedom's Farewell
A28 Willie the Wag
A29 The Devil o'er Stirling
A29BThe King and the Abbot (non-Jacobite)
A29CA cobbler there was (non-Jacobite)
A30 The Devil and George Milton (to the tune 'A cobbler...')
A31 Rhyme to Porringer
A32 Four Nursery Rhymes on James II, William, Mary, etc.
A33 King James VII's Lamentation
A34 Hymnus, Lofsang
A35 Willie Winkie's Testament
A36 To Daunton Me
A37 The Song of the Chevalier
A38 Charlie's Landing (Charlie's a gallant Lad)
A39 Be valiant still
A40 Non-Jacobite "To daunton me"
A41 This is no my ain House
A42 This is no ma ain Hoose. (A children's song)
A43 This is no mine ain Hoose, (by A. Ramsay)
A44 The Gentle Shepherd
A45 My love he was a Highland Lad
A46 O'er the Hills and far awa (non-Jacobite)
A47 He's o'er the seas (Exile King James II)
A48 Over the Seas (After Culloden)
A49 From Caledonia's loyal Land
A50 From barren Caledonian Land (a Whig song)
A51 The Wind has blown my Plaid (Disclothing Act)
A52 Over the Sea (Incitement to Revenge)
A53 The aged Chief's Lament (End of the Chief's Lament)
A54Lady Keith's Lament
A55 Whigs from Bothwell Brigs
A56 Whurry Whigs awa!
A57 The Turnimspike
A58 The Three Healths
A59 Would you see three Nations bubbled?
A60 Would you be a Man in Fashion? (Non-Jacobite)
A61 Would you be a Man of Favour? (Whig song)

La bataille de Killiekrankie

B01 Covenanter's Lament
B02 Bonnie Dundee
B03 Fiddler of Fife
B04 Ne'er to return
B05 Three good Fellows
B06 Killiecrankie (Claver and his Highlandmen)
B07 Killiecrankie (Whaur hae ye been sae braw)
B08 Praelium Gillicrankianum
B09 The Maiden Warrior
B10 The Haughs of Cromdale

Le destin tragique de l'Irlande

C01 King William's March
C02 The Protestant Boys
C03 Battle of the Boyne
C04 Cath Eachroma
C05 After Aughrim's Great Disaster
C06 Limerick's Lamentation
C07 The Jackets Green
C08 Siuil, Suil, Suil, a Grah
C09 The Wild Geese
C10 It was a'for our rightfu' King
C11 Bonny Mally Stewart (Non-Jacobite song)
C12 Chunna mise mo leannan
C13 Seamus, An Chaca a Chaill Eire

Le massacre de Glencoe

D01 Mort Ghlinne-Comhainn
D02 Lament on Glencoe
D03 Flora and Donald
D04 Glencoe, a Dirge
D05 Cruel is the Snow
D06 On the Massacre of Glencoe
D07 Das Blutbad von Glencoe
D08 The Border Widow's Lament
D09 England's New Psalm

L'Acte d'Union des Royaumes

E01 I hae nae Kith, I hae nae Kin
E02 Queen Anne or the Auld Gray Mare
E03 The Act of Succession
E04 The Broad Swords of Scotland
E05 Bothsides the Tweed
E06 Nobody can deny
E07 A South-Sea Ballad
E08 Marilla
E09 The Curses
E09bMy bonny Scotsman
E10 A Parcel of Rogues
E11 The Awkward Squad
E12 The Union
E13 The Blithsome Bridal
E14 The Thistle and Rose
E15 Auld King Cole (non-Jacobite)
E16 Come let us drink a Health
E17 Perfidious Britain

Le roi Georges I.

F01 The Ringing o't
F02 The Riding Mare
F03 Prince Charles's Lament (from the "True Loyalist")
F04 The Sow's Tail to Geordie
F05 The wee German Lairdie
F06 The Rebellious Crew
F07 Bishop Burnet's Descent to Hell
F08 Sarum's Dirge
F09 A wicked old Peer
F10 There was a Man came from the Moon
F11 The Pilfering Brood
F12 Down among the Dead Men
F13 O, beautiful Britannia
F14 The Petition of Tyburn
F15 What Murrain now has ta'en the Whigs?
F16 What Merriment has ta'en the Whigs?
F17 The Germain Lairdie (from the "True Loyalist")
F18 The plain Truth
F19 A Song to the tune 'A Cobbler there was'
F20 Let Misers tremble o'er their Wealth
F21 Kirn-Milk Geordie
F22 The Turnip
F23 And a-begging we will go (Non - Jacobite)
F24 Geordie Whelp's Testament
F25 Duncan Davison (Non-Jacobite) 1st stanza
F26 The Hanoverian and Whigs Rant
F27 A' Muileann Dubh
F28 What ails thee, poor Shepherd?

Le Chevalier de Saint Georges

G01 The Cuckoo
G02 There'll never be peace
G03 By Carnousie's Auld Wa's
G04 O Logie O' Buchan
G05 Tune "Auld Robin Gray" (non-Jacobite)
G06 The Blackbird (James III)
G06b The Blackbird (Prince Charles)
G06c The Blackbird (Broadside version)
G07 Ode 4.5 of Horace imitated
G08 Ode 4.5 of Horace, Original
G09 Carl, an the King come
G10 Peggy, now the King's come (non-Jacobite)
G11 Carle, now the king's come (Walter Scott)
G12 Sawney, now the king's come (Alexander Rodger)
G13 Here's a Health to Aytoun
G14 Here's to the King, Sir (Weel may we a' be)
G15 Scots wha hae
G16 Tutti, Tatti (Non-Jacobite)
G17 The Land of the Leal
G18 A Halter for Rebels!
G19 The Jolly Miller (non-Jacobite)
G20 In vain are the Hopes of a Popish Pretender
G21 Let our great James come over
G22 Here's a Health to the King, whose right...!
G23 Though Geordie reigns in Jamie's stead (For a' that)
G24 Cocinet majore poeta plectro
G25 Scotland's Call (He's coming here)
G26 Gu'n thanig an Rig air tir i Mhuidart
G26b Be gude to me (Non-Jacobite)
G27 True Blue
G28 O, Royal James
G29 O how shall I venture
G30 Jamie the Rover (True Loyalist)
G30b Jamie the Rover (Jacobite Reliques)
G31 Jamie the Rover (2nd set)
G32 James the Rover (to the tune 'Sally in our Alley')
G33 James, come kiss me now
G34 The Fifth of November
G34bA Whig song in honour of George I
G35 Scotland's New Psalm
G36 Come, fill your Bowls
G37 Monmouth Rebellion
G38 On a Bank of Flowers
G39 The Man o' the Moon
G40 Lochmaben Gate
G41 At Auchindown
G42 Chunnacas Bean san Tùr na Suidhe

Le soulèvement de 1715: Sherrifmuir

H01 Tha Tighinn Foham Eiridh (Let us rise!)
H01b Imitation by a lady
H01c Rise and follow Charlie
H02 Owre the Muir amang the Heather (On by Moss...)
H03 The auld Stuarts are back again
H04 The Gathering of the Hays
H05 Came Ye o'er frae France
H06 Came ye by the Kirk? (non-Jacobite)
H06b The enigma of Königsmarck (Essay)
H07 Our Ain Country
H08 The Chevalier's Muster-Roll
H09 Lochaber No More
H09b Lord Ronald, my son (non -Jacobite)
H10 Aikendrum
H11 Cabar Feidh
H12 Up an' Waur'm all
H13 Will you go to Sherrifmuir
H14 Let McIntyres say what they may (non-Jacobite)
H15 Sheriffmuir (There's some say...)
H16 John Patterson's mare (1st stanza -Non Jacobite)
H17 Sherramoor (Pray, came you here...)
H18 Dialogue between Will Lickladdle and Tam Cleancogue
H19 Bogie Side (The Marquis's Raide)
H20 Dialogue between Mar and Argyll
H21 New Broom of Cowdenknows (Mar's Lament)
H22 O my King
H23 Coileach an Taobh-Tuath (The Cock of the North)
H24 Oran air Là Sliabh an t-Siorraim
H25 Argyle is my Name
H26 Kist the Streen
H27 Alasdair à Gleanna Garadh (Alexander of Glengarry)
H28 Mac 'Ic Ailein
H29 Oran do Mhac Mhic Ailein
H30 Och a Mhuire, mo dhunaidh!
H31 Òran Sliabh an t-Siorraim (Lament on John of Conchra)
H32 Marbhrann do Mhac Mhic Ailein
H33 The Piper of Dundee
H34 He winna be guidit by me
H35 'Bhith gan Cuimhneachadh...
H36 'Bhith gan Cuimhneachadh (Cape Breton version)
H37 Gaoir nam Ban-Mhuileach

Le soulèvement de 1715: Preston

I01 Brigadier McKintosh (An excellent new Song)
I02 Kenmure's on an' awa'
I03 The Strifeling Cavalry
I04 The Lady of Kenmure
I05 There was a Cooper
I06 We'll hide the cooper (non-Jacobite)
I07 Mr Paul
I08 Derwentwater's Farewell
I09 Lord Derwentwater's Goodnight
I10 The Young Maxwell
I11 Lament of the Lord Maxwell
I12 The Lusty Carlin
I13 Nithsdale's Welcome Home
I14 The Death of George Collingwood

Le "Petit soulèvement" de 1719

J01 Here's a Health to the valiant Swede
J02 God Save the Queen -3d Verse
J03 A Jacobite King's Anthem
J04 Here lies Prince Fede
J05 Britons who dare to claim
J06 The Bee-Hive
J07 Hymn to the Victory at Glenshiel
J08 God prosper our King! (to the tune of 'Chevy Chase N°2')
J09 An Anthem to the tune of 'Delia'
J10 Our ain bonny Laddie

L'attente de Charlie

K01 Song of Expostulation (Ungrateful Britons)
K02 Oran Air Bhreith a Phrionnsa
K03 My Laddie
K04 An diu, an diu,gur reusontach
K05 The accomplished Hero
K06 Come let us be jovial!
K07 He comes, he comes, the Hero comes!
K08 Gu ma maith thig an Crùn dha Tearlach!
K09 He's been long o' coming (Welcome, Royal Charlie)
K10 When he came to the Isle of Mull
K11 The Youth that should have been our King
K12 Arouse, ilk kilted clan! (Welcome, o'er the Main)
K13 You're Welcome, Charlie Stuart!
K14 O, Wha's for Scotland and Charlie?
K15 Oran Do'n Phrionnsa
K16 O Thearlaich mhic Sheumais!
K17 O Come awa, Charlie!

Les femmes et le soulèvement de 1745

L01 The Wind comes frae the Land I love (Royal Charlie)
L02 Charlie is my Darling (Burns)
L03 Charlie is my Darling (Hogg)
L04 Charlie is my Darling (Lady Nairne)
L05 Jenny Cameron of Glendessary
L06 If you had seen my Charlie
L07 The Women are a' gane wud
L08 The Beggar's Opera
L09 What do ye think o' Geordie?
L10 Ye'll mount, Gudeman!
L11 Lament for Lady McKintosh
L12 Cha till MacCruimein
L13 Òran Fir Hèisgeir

Chants de rassemblement, Glenfinnan

M01 Eiridh na Fineachan Gaidhealach
M02 Oran Nam Fineachan Gaidhealach
M02b Waulking of the Faulds (non Jacobite)
M03 The Gathering of the Clans (Flora McIvor's Song)
M04 McDonald's Gathering
M05 Oran Brosnachaidh do na Gaidheil
M06 Wha'll Be King But Charlie?
M07 Charlie's Landing (There cam a wee boatie)
M08 The Meal Mill - O (Non-Jacobite)
M09 When wild war 's deadly Blast (Non-Jacobite)
M10 The Eight Men of Moidart
M11 Song to the tune of "To ease his Heart"
M12 An Fhideag Airgid
M13 Gathering Song
M14 Came ye by Atholl (Bonny Prince Charlie)
M15 The Atholl Gathering
M16 Crowdie (Non-Jacobite)
M17 The gratious Declaration, a poem
M18 Gathering Rant
M19 The Quaker's Wife (Non-Jacobite)
M20 Hieland Laddy (If thou'lt play me fair play)
M21 The Pipers play, the Trumpets sound (Lawland Lassie)
M22 Where ha' ye been a' the Day?
M23 Princely is my Lover's Weed
M24 I cannot get my Mare ta'en (Non-Jacobite)
M25 Were ye at Drummossie Muir?
M26 The bonniest Lad that e'er I saw
M27 McLean's Welcome
M28 Gathering of Clan McLean
M29 The King has been long from home
O'er the Water tae Charlie
M31 When Charlie came to Edinburgh Town
M32 Over the Water and over the Lea (Nursery rhyme)
M33 Sound the Pibroch
M34 Rise,Rise!
M35 The Standard of Braemar
M36 Wha Wadn't Fecht for Charlie?
M37 J.S. Blackie's poem for the Glenfinnan Monument
M38 A song to the tune 'To Arms'
M39 Gun Duin Aig A bhaile
M40 Oran Nuadh
M41 Ailein, Ailein, 's fhad an cadal

De Glenfinnan à Prestonpans

N01 An Cruinneachadh iomlan luthmhor
N02 Charlie and His Tartan Plaidie
N03 Charlie, Ye are Welcome!

N04 What's a' the steer,Kimmer?
N05 Jacobite Highland Laddie (The Tartan Plaidie)
N06 The Lowland lads think... (non-Jacobite)
N07 My Bonnie Highland Laddie (by Lady Nairne)
N08 Bonny Charlie (Tho' my fireside...)
N09 White Cockade (King Charles)
N10 My love was born in Aberdeen
N11 Merry may the Keel row
N12 Charlie in Edinburgh
N13 Oran air Teachd Phrionnsa Tearlach
N14 General Cope's Travels
N15 Johnnie Cope (Melody)
N15b Johnnie Cope (1ère version Ritson)
N15c Johnnie Cope (Scots Musical Museum)
N15d Johnnie Cope (2ème version Ritson)
N16 Tranent Muir
N17 Divinely led thou need'st to be
N18 Thy Deeds are such, illustrious Youth
N19 Virgil's Fourth Eclogue
N20 Battle of Gladsmuir
N21 Colonel Gardiner
N22 Tearlach Stiùbhard
N23 By the Side of a Country Kirk Wall

Marche sur Londres et retraite

O01 Cock Up Your Beaver
O02 Heh, how, Johny Lad (non-Jacobite)
O03 Blue Bonnets over the Border
O04 The Mayor of Carlisle
O05 Katherine Ogie (Non-Jacobite)
O06 A Hundred Pipers
O07 McLeod's Defeat at Inverurie
O08 The bonny Briar Bush
O09 An yon be he! - Carlisle Ha'
O10 Donald McGillavry
O11 Kane to the King
O12 The Clans are coming
O13 Duke of Argyle's Courtship (excerpt)
O14 The Clans are all away
O15 Prionns Tearlach
O16 Manifesto by Voltaire
O17 To your Arms, my bonnie Highland Lads
O18 To Arms, ye bonnie Highland Laddies

Bataille de Falkirk

P01 Battle of Falkirk
P02 The Highlandmen
P03 The Whigs' Glory
P04 Of Arms and the Man
P05 Oran do Bhlar Na H-eaglaise Brice
P06 Blar Na H-eaglaise Brice
P07 The Battle of Falkirk, a Whig Song
P08 Do chinneadh bhi gun chean
P09 Now Charles asserts his Father's Right
P10 Loch Lomond (Vocal Melodies)
P10b Loch Lomond (Luss variant)
P10c Loch Lomond (Edinburgh variant)

Le désastre de Culloden

Q01 Tighearna Chuil Fhodair
Q02 Cromwell's Ghost on the eve of Culloden
Q03 Culloden House
Q04 Latha Chul-Lodair
Q05 Òran eile air Latha Chul-Lodair
Q06 Culloden Day - Second Song
Q07 Why take you pleasure as you can
Q08 Culloden Day (Jacobite Relics)
Q09 ClanRanald's Men
Q10 Dark Loch na Garr (Lochnagar)
Q11 Oran an Aoig
Q12 A hoary Swain
Q13 The Holy Ode
Q14 Culloden's Harvest
Q15 Culloden (The Heathcock)
Q16 The Hare of Culloden (a Whig song)
Q17 Mo Run Geal Og!
Q18 'Stoigh leam fein an Siosalach
Q19 An Dilleachtan
Q20 The lovely Lass of Inverness
Q21 Die holde Maid von Inverness
Q22 There lived a Lass in Inverness
Q23 The Lass of Livingstane
Q24 Crookieden
Q25 Mussel Mou'd Charlie
Q26 Geordie sits in Charlie's Chair
Q27 A song to the tune of 'Clout the Caldron'
Q28 That mushroom thing, called Cumberland
Q29 Cumberland and Murray's Descent into Hell
Q30 Minute of the Incorporation of Fleshers (a poem)
Q31 Epitaph on William, Duke of Cumberland (a poem)
Q32 Inscription (a poem)
Q33 The Flowers of the Forest
Q34 William Hamilton's Soliloquy
Q35 The Muir of Culloden
Q36 Fhir a Siubhlas na Frithe

L'errance de Charlie

R01 The young Highland Rover
R02 O Wat ye wha that lo'es me? (Non-Jacobite)
R03 The Fate of Charlie (Lochiel's Warning)
R04 Ho! 'se mo rùn an-t-oigear
R05 Wae's me For Prince Charlie
R06 The Storm o'er the Kyle (Prince Charles's Lament)
R07 Och a's ochan mo chàradh
R08 A Bhean an Taigh...
R09 Bessy's Haggies
R10 The Chevalier's Lament
R11 Prince Charles's Lament
R12 Nach Truagh mo Chàs
R13 Bannock o' Bear Meal (Scots Musical Museum)
R14 Bannocks of Barley (Hogg)
R15 Bannocks of Bear Meal (Lady Nairne)
R16 Maol Ruainidh Glinneachan
R17 Mo Nighean Donn na Sprèidhe

Chants déguisés au sujet de Charlie

S01 My bonnie Moorhen (traditional)
S02 Hunting Song: My bonie Moorhen (Burns)
S03 Here's a Health in Water
S04 Job of Journey-work (non-Jacobite)
S05 For the Sake of Somebody (Burns)
S06 Somebody (Hogg)
S07 A Mhorag chiatach a chuil dualaich
S08 A Mhorag's na horo gheallaidh (non-Jacobite)
S09 Smuladh Mi's Mi Air Maineol
S10 Clo Mhic Ille Micheil
S11 Highland Harry
S12 Cairney Mount
S13 White Rose O' June
S14 Am Buachaille Buidhe

Soutien des Irlandais à Charlie

T01 An Buachaill Bàn
T02 Sile Bheag Ni Chonnollain
T03 Oro! Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
T04 Oro!... (Pàdraig Pearse)
T05 Hauling Home (non Jacobite)
T06 Mo Ghile Mear
T07 Rosc Catha na Mumhan
T08 Hearts of Oak are our Ships
T09 Wake, Irishmen

L'épisode de Flora McDonald

U01 Over yon Hills
U02 Flora McDonald's lament
U03 Dealachad a' Phrionnsa...
U04 Flora's lament on her Charlie
U05 Thearlaich! Nan Tigeadh Tu
U06 Twa Bonnie Maidens
U07 Speed bonnie Boat
U08 Tha Mi Fodh Ghruai
U09 Flora McDonald's Reel
U10 Sweet is the Rose
U11 Farewell to Scotland
U12 An Sealladh ma dheireadh thug Tearlach
U13 My Bonnie lies over the Ocean
U14 He's owre the Hills
U15 Theàrlaich Òig a' Chuailein Chiataich

L'étrange figure de Lord Lovat

V01 Morair Sim
V02 Ceann an Fheidh
V02b Britons, now retrieve your glory!
V03 Coir'-a-Ghearraig (Britons, now retrieve your glory)
V04 Oran Mhorair Mhic Shiomoin
V05 Hap me with thy Petticoat (Non-Jacobite)
V06 Baintighearna Mhic Shimi
V07 Fhuair Mac Shimi'n Oighreachd

Lochiel le Gentilhomme

W01 Oran Do Loch Iall
W02 Turn the Blue Bonnet wha can
W03 Lochiel's Farewell
W04 Mo chailin dileas donn (non-Jacobite)
W05 Lochiel's awa to France
W06 The death of the Gentle Lochiel (poem)
W07 Tha mo leabaidh 'san fhraoch
W08 Cumha le Lochial
W09 Oran do Ghille Easbuig
W10 Though now we take King Louis' Fee (Auld Lang Syne)
W11 A Ballad for those...
W12 The Exile's Return
W13 The Braes of Lochiel
W14 Braighe Loch Iall

La répression

X01 Urnaigh Iain Ruaidh Stiùbhair
X02 Mharbhainn dubhig... (incantation)
X03 Kolas a Chronachaid (another incantation)
X04 John Roy's Psalm
X05 Callum-A-Glen
X06 Callum a Ghlinne (non Jacobite)
X07 The Tears of Scotland
X08 The Waes of Scotland
X09 Nero (A poem)
X10 The Frasers in the Corrie
X11 The Song of McRimmon Glash
X12 Highlander's Lament
X13 The Highland Widow's Lament
X14 Die Hochländer-Witwe
X15 The Old Man's Lament
X16 A Lassie Cam' to our Gate
X17 The blue-eyed lassie (non Jacobite)
X18 Attainted Scottish Nobles
X19 The Auld House
X20 Strathallan's Lament
X21 When Charlie Came
X22 Charlie Stuart (to the tune of 'Barbara Allan')
X23 Here's a Health to the King whom the crown...
X24 Imitation of the Lamentation of David
X25 Lamentation of David over Jonathan

Les exécutions

Y01 From Great Dundee
Y02 Arthurus Dominus de Balmerino
Y03 Balmerino's dying speech
Y04 Towly's Ghost (to the tune of 'Chevy Chase' N°1)
Y05 Ballad of Jemmy Dawson
Y06 The Earl of Kilmarnock's Lament
Y07 Carlisle Yetts
Y08 The Tower of London


Z01 Adieu, Dundee
Z02 Bonie Dundee
Z03 The Scots Callan' o' Bonnie Dundee
Z04 Jockey's Escape from Dundee
Z05 Lewie Gordon
Z06 Tarry Woo (non-Jacobite)
Z07 Lenachan's Farewell
Z08 Highlander's Farewell
Z09 Hame, hame, hame (to the tune of 'Mary Scott')
Z10 Oh, it's home I want to be (Laffen)
Z11 And from home I wou'd be (True Loyalist)
Z12 The Sun rises bright in France
Z13 The Emigrant
Z14 Callieburn
Z15 Last Farewell to Sterling
Z16 Lament of Old Duncan Skene
Z17 Lassie, lie near me
Z18 Hark the loud Tempest (non Jacobite)
Z19 Cumha do Shir Eachann MacIlleathain

Exil et mort du Prince

a01 Britannia, rouse at Heaven's Command
a02 When our great Prince with his choice Band
a03 When Royal Charles by Heaven's Command
a04 Rule, Britannia (non-Jacobite)
a05 Ode on Charles's Birthday 1746
a06 On Gallia's Shore we sat and wept
a07 Psalm 137
a08 Young Edward the Prince
a09 Vers sur le Prince Edouard
a10 On the French's seizing the Prince
a11 Quel est le trite sort des malheureux Français!
a12 The Friends and Land I Love (The Exile's Lament)
a13 Stirling
a14 Cauld in the Mools
a15 O great eternal God above
a16 Louisa of Stolberg-Gedern
a17 The Lyon in Mourning
a18 Birthday Ode
a19 My Heart is wae
a20 An Suaithne Bàn (Charlie's Death)
a21 The last of the Stuarts
a22 Smeòrach Chloinn Raonuill
a23 Fhir a' chùil duinn
a24 Fhir na faire, gudé chi thu?

Les Clans revêtent l'uniforme anglais

b01 Highland Character (In the Garb of old Gaul)
b02 Ille Dhuinn
b03 An Gille Donn
b04 Mo Chruinneag Dhonn
b05 Dumfries Volunteers
b06 Donald McDonald
b07 Wooed and married and a' (non Jacobite)

Les évictions

c01 The Change
c02 Tha mo dhùil
c03 I will go
c04 The Great White Sheep
c05 O'Doherty's Adieu

La négation de la culture gaélique

d01 Am Breacan uallach
d02 Fuigheall eile
d03 Oran do'n Bhriogais
d04 Oran na Casagan Dubha
d05 An aghaidh an Eididh Ghallda
d06 Briogais Mhic Rùairidh
d07 O Gràin air na Briogaisean
d08 Oran do Mharcus nan Greumach
d09 Botal dubh's an t-slige chreachann
d10 The Banks of the Earn
d11 Eppie Marly
d12 D'ye ken Elsie Marley? (non Jacobite)
d13 Ho Gur Coma Leam h-uile Ni Th'ann
d14 The Days o' Langsyne
d15 This Is No My Plaid
d16 Though rugged and rough be the Land
d17 Òran don Èideadh Ghàidhealach

Appels à la revanche

e01 Mile marbhaisg air an t-saoghal
e02 O Togamaid oirnn thar uisge!
e03 A Channibal Dhuidsich!
e04 Bhliadhna 1746
e05 Oran Eile Do'n Phrionnsa
e06 Fuigheall
e07 Gairm do Phrionnsa Tearlach
e08 Brosnachadh eile do na Gaidheil
e09 Robin John Clark
e10 Blow Ye bleak Winds (to the tune 'Highland King')
e11 The Generous distressed (non-Jacobite)
e12 Dawson's Lament
e13 As I be ga'n up the Street
e14 Farewell to Glen Shalloch
e15 The Loyal Resolution
e16 Deoch-slàinte Theàrlaich


f01 O wad ye ken whare she comes frae
f02 Act of Indemnity 1784
f03 Tullochgorum
f03b The daft Days (non Jacobite)
f04 Ye Jacobites by Name (Burns)
f05 Ye Jacobites by Name (pre-Burns version)
f06 Ballad for Westerhall
f07 Up an rin awa, Willie
f08 Battle of Wal
f09 The Queen's Welcome
f10 Here's a Health to them that's awa! (1688)
f11 Here's a Health (in support of Charles Fox)
f12 Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue
f13 Here's a Health (Burns, apparently non-Jacobite)
f14 Here(s to the Year that's away (non-Jacobite)
f15 Bonnet o' blue (Charles Stuart)
f16 Bonnet o' blue (Charles Thompson)
f17 The Roses of Prince Charlie
f18 The Thistle of Scotland
f19 Dear Tibbie
f20 Tibbie Dunbar (Non-Jacobite)
f21 Where are my Followers?
f22 Where can we turn?
f23 The Boy in the Man
f24 Will ye no come back again

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